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Choose us for residential generator installations in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC

It only takes one bad storm to knock the power out for hours. Installing a generator will ensure that you have power in case of an outage. Trust BWM Electrical Services for residential generator services in Smithfield, Raleigh & Clayton, NC. Once your installation is complete, you can rely on us for regular maintenance. We also offer generator repair services.

Schedule a residential generator installation today.

Discover the benefits of installing a generator

Our electricians can help you pick the best generator for your property. A residential generator installation will:

  • Keep your AC running during storms
  • Prevents hazardous electrical surges
  • Restore power during an outage
You'll be able to stay comfortable even when your main source of power is shut off. You can count on us to install top-of-the-line equipment correctly. Call us today at 984-220-6075 to learn more about our residential generator services in Smithfield & Clayton, NC.